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About Ryan Kendl

Ryan Kendl was born and raised in Tigerton, WI, a small village outside of Green Bay. With strong family ties in Utah, he decided to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, on a full academic scholarship. After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from BYU in 2008, Ryan knew that he wanted to be in the financial industry. One day before his plans to return home to Wisconsin in hope for greener pastures, he went in for an interview at the local American Income Life (AIL) office in Utah.

Nicholas Lorence, the regional manager of AIL-Provo, knew Ryan was going to be the next big thing from the moment he met him. "When Ryan came in for his interview back in 2008, I could tell just by the way he talked and the way he carried himself, especially for his age, that he was the person we needed to help take the company to another level. " And with such a high demand of union members requesting AIL products in the entire Utah area, Ryan was hired immediately.

It didn't take long for Ryan to start making a name for himself. Within two months he was promoted to Supervising Agent, Master General Agent within four months, and then moved to the Las Vegas office in early 2009 to help the expanding Las Vegas market.

One short year later, Ryan moved to Santa Rosa, CA, to head his own office, where his organization continues to thrive today. He is now the regional manager of all Northern California. "Moving to California was important for me and the company," Ryan said in a recent interview. "It's the one place I've lived where people never really took insurance seriously. The majority of the people I've met through the years here have always thought their benefits through work were forever; it's such a misconception. It's also one of the things that makes me appreciate what I do for a living so much—taking the time to educate union members on what benefits they really need. Since 2010, the areas perception of benefits has completely changed. We talk about it all the time, when you go to a grocery store in Santa Rosa, everyone has our products. There aren't many companies that do it like AIL."

Through his own hard work and boundless ambition, Ryan realized and obtained his professional goals in less than 5 years. "There's no one else like Ryan. The amount of time and energy he puts into each of his clients is unheard of," says James Hill, the Chief Operating Officer of Altig-AIL.

As far as Ryan's future goes, "I'm going to be in Santa Rosa for awhile. There's a lot more work for me to do here.”